Self-adhesive die-cut parts

With our renowned raw material suppliers in the field of industrial bonding technology, we are specialists in the production of self-adhesive die-cut parts. Die-cut parts are parts made from single-sided and double-sided adhesive materials, individually produced according to customer specifications.

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Together with our renowned raw material suppliers in industrial adhesive technology, we are your expert for the production of self-adhesive die-cut parts. Die-cut parts are parts produced from one-sided and double-sided adhesive material to customers’ specifications. We have the expertise to produce highly complex contours and geometries. Depending on the process and application, we develop the optimum die-cutting solution from suitable material. SSA Europe also offers die-cut parts in standard sizes for retail. Self-adhesive die-cut parts is the frequently used umbrella term for self-adhesive stamped parts, glue points and labels.

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Fields of application of self-adhesive die-cut parts:

  • Self-adhesive die-cut parts for the automotive and automotive supply industries to join two materials together
  • For temporary or permanent bonding and bonding on special surfaces
  • Covering labels for various painting processes
  • Protective film for displays or sensitive surfaces in the electronics industry
  • Household appliances: for sealing, insulation and protection from rattling
  • Abrasion-protection for industrial applications
  • Self-adhesive die-cut parts for labelling and marking in mechanical engineering, for product protection and identification
  • and many more ...

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