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SSA Europe Ges.m.b.H. is the competent partner for labels and tags for covering, protecting and marking. Our self-adhesive labels, which are produced in high print quality with exact fit and color, are adapted to your production processes and requirements.

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SSA Europe Ges.m.b.H. is your expert partner for stickers, tags and labels for covering, protection and marking purposes. Our self-adhesive labels, produced to custom-fit in high print quality and true colours, are matched to your production processes and requirements. Depending on your requirement, the technical self-adhesive tags for marking, covering, protection and identification from our company come with high adhesive power, are self-adhesive on either one or two sides, detachable, flexible, hard-wearing and tension-proof, insensitive to moisture or UV-resistant, high-temperature resistant, conductive, resistant to ageing and indestructible even in wet conditions, forgery-proof or capable of being written on later.

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Application areas of labels and tags:

  • For bundling cables in the electronics and automotive and automotive supply industries
  • As a structural component for sealing gaps and holes in car bodies and fittings
  • Bundling, marking, identifying and labelling of cables, electronic wiring and connections in control cabinets, switchgear, high-voltage power lines, electrical machinery, distribution systems
  • As information labels on or in household appliances
  • In advertising and entertainment for mounting posters on or behind glass, for the production of displays, joining and fixing of individual elements and components
  • Safety tags and labels for packaging and products for protection against manipulation and forgery (closure, warranty, quality and original labels, inspection stickers, back labels)
  • Printed tags, stickers and labels for identifying errors on printed circuit boards, equipment, items with print, textile fabrics

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