Sealing tapes and profiles

Are you looking for a foam sealing tape or a lay-up tape? SSA Europe Ges.m.b.H. offers sealing tapes and profiles made of cellular rubber and foam, single or double-sided self-adhesive, in standard and special sizes.


Are you looking for a foam sealing tape or a glazing tape? SSA Europe Ges.m.b.H. offers cellular rubber and foam sealing tapes and profiles that are self-adhesive on one or two sides, in standard and special sizes. Manufactured from open-cell and closed-cell foam, SSA sealing tapes and profiles made of polyurethane ester and ether foam, PE foam, cellular rubber, elastomer foam or PVC foam offer optimum properties to support your application.

SSA MOLL sealing tapes and sealing profiles are used, among a great many other applications, to compensate for unevenness, as glazing tape, sealing or insulation, for soft positioning, for sound insulation or vibration protection. Impregnated and pre-compressed foam tapes ("compri-tapes") meeting the most exacting demands are ideal for perfect joint sealing in construction. We recommend SSA butyl tapes as an addition or alternative to overlapping or covering sealing. Depending on the application, they can be laminated with aluminium foil, copper foil, PE film or fleece material.

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Applications of sealing profiles and sealing tapes:

  • For air-conditioning ducts in the automotive and supplier industry
  • For insulation and vibration protection in mechanical engineering
  • Construction: as glazing tape in window and door construction, as caulking for panels, wall connections, building joints, as packing in dividing wall construction, as the intermediate insulation layer in drywall installation
  • In fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Sealing in medical devices and equipment
  • Packaging and logistics: transport protection and as an intermediate layer for metal and plastic, in the glass industry, furniture and woodworking industries
  • and many more ...

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